Shave Time!

Are you the funkiest barber in town? Use your shaving cream, razor, and brush to give the perfect cut. As a special bonus for following this blog, you've earned the secret code. Enter the word BOOTCAMP into the game to unlock a secret character. Play it now.

Hello friends! You're all looking quite dashing today. Did you get a haircut?

The concept for Shave Time! was born (unsurprisingly) while I was at a barbershop. It was an old-school place: the kind where you can get a hot-lather shave and warm towel pat down. Something about the smells, colors, and sounds clicked in my mind. This barbershop had to be in my next game.

Shave Time! was the most complex game I've coded in recent memory. Shaving hair isn't a standard game mechanic, so it required some creative programming. Ultimately, the effect was achieved using masks and a sprinkle of particle effects. This game was also the hardest to balance, between all the characters, tools, and game modes. (If I had more time, I'd have liked even more characters!) This definitely took up both weeks.

Shave Time!'s greatest strength is its easily understood premise: shaving is fun. When I was young, I used to spray shaving cream on my face and pretend to shave it off. I attempted to capture that primal satisfaction within the game. The tools all work similarly to their real-world counterparts. Because the concepts are easy to grasp, the game is easy to pick up. Just start shaving! That's the power of resonance.

I want to give a shoutout to my brother for coming up with the name "Shave Time!". Thanks, bro!

Fun Fact: I kept a can of shaving cream on my desk while I worked. The scents put me in a shavin' mindset.


  1. What is the secret code for the game?

    1. Hey Anon! The secret code is "bootcamp"


  2. Shaving games look very easy, but they aren’t. they might be complex but they are really fun. It does not require any creative programming. Thank you for sharing.